Your children; Summer on the sofa or busy climbing a tree?

Where will your children spend most of their school summer holiday?  On the sofa with a tablet?  In their bedroom watching TV?  Or will they be outside enjoying the great weather we are having so far?  Or a happy medium?

Figures reveal that UK hospitals are seeing more children admitted for injuries sustained from falling out of bed than falling out of trees. What’s more, exercise amongst seven year old children is at a low, as a staggering 62 per cent of girls and 37 per cent of boys do not get adequate exercise. This poses the question as to whether our children of 2014 have become disconnected from nature. The average child only spends 520 hours outside per year – that works out to be an hour and a half a day – compared to when we were young, this seems like a very low figure.  I remember playing outside for what seems like hours on end, especially during the long summer days…

The blame is often directed at the rise in technology and it’s popularity with children. Gone are the days of children making dens in the garden or climbing trees. Instead, they are now playing on computer games and watching television. In fact, children have access to up to five screens at home and regularly have at least two on-the-go at any one time, racking up over six hours screen time per day. As a result, 20 per cent of parents said they wouldn’t even attempt to get kids off their devices and in to the open air.

The great outdoors is not only good for exercise, education and social development but is ideal for family days out. 8 in 10 families have never gone fishing or star gazing, and just under a quarter of kids have never visited a farm. It seems Britain’s longstanding love of picnics needs reviving too, with almost 5 million children in the UK never having been on a picnic, despite 34 per cent of parents saying a picnic would be the perfect family day out.

Pork Farms, Britain’s favourite pork pie baker, is launching their Social Summer campaign, which encourages families and friends to ditch the day-to-day distractions in life and get together more often and we here at Mojomums could not agree more!  We are all looking forward to the summer holidays and our days off when we can get outside and enjoy the sunshine!  BBQ’s are planned; visits to theme parks have been organised; camping trips are booked; park play dates have been in the diary for weeks!

So go on, turn the TV off, stop reading this on your laptop, and head outside with your kids!  You never know, you might all just have a great time! 😉

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