Would you miss your child’s birthday if you had work commitments?

Katie and Lemon

So this week saw Katie Hopkins take to the This Morning sofa again, this time not to discuss children’s names, but children’s birthdays and whether or not it is necessary to be there to celebrate with them.

Katie’s feeling was that her children know she has to work, and if she is away then the children have the choice of opening their presents on their birthday whilst she isn’t there, or waiting until the weekend when she is back and opening them together.

Shona Sibary however disagrees with this and feels that your child’s birthday is a special day which should be celebrated on the day. Even if you go to work on that day you should still celebrate on the morning or after school.

The controversial interview again spotlights Katie Hopkins and her very opinionated views and she is definitely like marmite, you either love her or hate her! The interview turned out to be much more about Katie and her opinion rather than the issues in hand and there were some moments which made Holly and Philip cringe! However, I am ashamed to admit the highlight for me was when Katie said about Shona “it’s like being shouted at by a lemon” Apologies Shona but I couldn’t help but laugh!

So, back to that actual point of the interview. What do you think about missing your child’s birthday? Would you miss it? Is it just another day or do you spoil your little one rotten and wouldn’t miss any second of it?

Amanda: I love my daughter’s birthday but she is only 3 so it is still a big deal and very exciting. I did take a day off work to celebrate her birthday, but it was during school holidays so we all wanted to celebrate together. I have to say I do agree that if you are working or your kids are at school then you shouldn’t put everything on hold for a birthday, but I would do everything I could to make it a special day by doing presents in the morning and special dinner in the evening and then the kids party at the weekend is fine! I would not miss my daughter’s birthday if it were at all possible, I would change work plans if I could to ensure I was there for her on her birthday, unlike Katie!

Emma: If I had to travel for work, I would definitely try and plan in advance to have my child’s birthday off. Even if it fell on a school day we would still do something special after school. I understand that some mums might not be able to re-arrange their work schedule and in those cases, I am pretty sure that the child would not notice if the celebrations happened a few days later or at the following weekend. As long as their dad/grandparents/carer made a fuss of them I’m sure they would be happy with double celebrations!

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