Would you leave your child in the car?

Following the debate on This Morning today discussing the comments made by Laurence Fox – the actor in ‘Lewis’ on Twitter complaining that he had been ‘harassed’ by a community officer who called him a ‘disgusting and appalling human being’ after he left his five year old son alone in the car while he popped into a chemist to buy medicine for his other child. Columnist Catherine Blyth experienced a similar situation last week when someone called the police after she left her two children sleeping in the car outside her home. Anna May Mangan says no matter what happens, you should never take your eyes off your children, no matter the inconvenience.

We wondered if you have ever left your child alone in the car and if you think it is acceptable? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


I know when my little one was younger if she fell asleep in the car seat (after the baby carrying one) I would let her sleep if I were at home, as long as I could see her from the window the weather wasn’t too hot or cold and I left the front door open and popped out every 5 minutes (literally!) Now my daughter is older I have left her in the car if it is raining and I needed to go to a cashpoint or pay for petrol. If I can see her I will leave her in the car. I’m not sure if this makes me a bad parent or not, but I can’t see it changing when I have baby number two!

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