Work Clothing for Post Baby Body!

Where to start;

So you’ve had your precious bundle of joy, spent time bonding and now your ready to get back to work so you start trying on your old work clothes.  Stop right there.  Unless you are 100% sure your body hasn’t changed a bit (and let’s face it, this is highly unlikely) then you’re only going to start in the wrong place by going back to your previous workwear.  Firstly you’ve had a baby, your body has done an amazing job, give it credit for that before you start pulling your hair out that it’s changed.  Secondly, regardless of having a baby, age gets us all so it would change eventually anyway!  Now, take a deep breath and be realistic about what could and definitely won’t work.  Separate into two piles and get someone to remove the ‘wont’s’ asap.  If your feeling brave (and make sure your in the right frame of mind, don’t do this on a sleepless night with greasy hair and no make-up on, it will only make matters worse!) go fourth and try on what you have.  Make a list from there of what is missing, or if your not in the right mind set just write a list from visually looking through your pile of maybe’s.


Something to remember throughout is that comfort needs to be key.  You don’t want to be fiddling or fussing with an outfit, it needs to be easy to wear and make you feel confident.

Detract from any area’s you want to play down by adding colour in ones you can afford to play up – a simple one being nails.  Treat yourself to a manicure.  No matter how many times you try, you will not perfect a beautician’s trade of well groomed nails.   Add a bold refreshing pop of colour to your lips, a splash of your favorite perfume.  Along with an outfit, these are all ways to ensure you feel good about yourself which in turn shows confidence.

 Steph - NailsBIG

Thank you to Steph at Urban Bliss Beauty for this Image

 Accessories – add a statement necklace over a shirt or jumper if your trying to divert attention say from your tummy area.  If your dress code is smart/casual, a scarf is another great way to hide your tummy area.  It also elongates the body making you appear taller if you wear it in a small knot then let it hang down the front of your body.  Handbag wise, keep it simple, not too large as it can over take your frame.

 White Shirt with Statement Necklacebig

Use colour to narrow where your body needs it.  Think about the original Stella McCartney dress with the black panels down the sides, it not only slims out the body but creates a waist.  Keep black for larger areas, colour or print to balance out the smaller parts of your body.

 StellaMS Dressesbig

Both M&S dresses £45

 Use separates (top and skirt or top and trousers) if you want to add or define your waist.  Or try a belt over a dress.


Basics you always need;

Blazers – these come in all sorts of styles now, use subtle patterns here if you can afford to add bulk to your upper body (think small chested ladies) and your business style is a bit more relaxed.

Zara 49 99big

Zara blazer £49.99

Courts – practice makes perfect, you might have spent a year running around in flats but heels change the way we walk and hold ourselves.  Always add a pair for an interview.

Zara courts 49 99big

Zara court shoes £49.99

Recommended shops;



Banana Republic


John Lewis

LK Bennett

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