Win – a Stuck On You Personalised Bento Box

Forget the soggy sandwiches, limp carrot sticks and melted cheese sticks. Make school lunches fun (and nutritious!) this year with our Bento Box! It’s the exciting new way to pack a well-balanced lunch.

bento comp 1

A clever design offers 6 compartments in a handy tray that can be removed from the outer box and popped in the dishwasher (top rack only). The lid is lined with a leak-proof silicone seal that covers each individual compartment.

bento comp 2

Choose from five colours (Navy, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Light Blue, Mint) and personalise the front of the Bento Box with your child’s name. You can even choose your own font and cute design icon to match their bright and bubbly personality.

bento comp 3

Made entirely from food-safe materials. BPA-free. Phthalates-free.

bento comp 4

Join the lunchbox revolution!

For your chance to win a Stuck On You Bento Box of your choice, simply enter via the widget below and follow the instructions for more chances to win!  Competition closes on 31 July 2017 when a winner will be chosen at random – good luck!

Win – a Stuck On You Personalised Bento Box

For more information and to order Stuck On you products visit

stuck on you comp 1

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87 Responses to Win – a Stuck On You Personalised Bento Box

  1. Tracey Peach says:

    Pasta Salad 🙂 x

  2. Winnie Fox says:

    Greek yoghurt and Apple purée

  3. gillbill says:

    Strawberries and Grapes

  4. donna hale says:

    yogurt flakes

  5. Tracey Susan Anderson says:

    Blueberries 🙂 x

  6. sharon martin says:


  7. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Blueberries and strawberries

  8. Emma h says:


  9. ELZBIETA ZNYK says:


  10. natalie smith says:

    carrot sticks

  11. Emily Clark says:

    Radishes are a favourite in this house!

  12. Tracy Newton says:


  13. I would add some carrot sticks with houmous or some noodles

  14. Jodie A Green says:

    grapes 🙂

  15. Hannah Wood says:

    Carrot sticks

  16. Kim Neville says:

    mini sausages

  17. Leanne Newsome says:


  18. Dini Shah says:

    cheese and grapes

  19. sallie says:

    an apple

  20. Diane Radford says:

    Carrots and Dip

  21. tina Glover says:

    olives and cubes of cheese – my daughters 2 fave snacks

  22. Ursula Hunt says:


  23. Anthea Holloway says:

    grapes and blueberries

  24. Tricia White says:

    Carrot sticks

  25. Leila Benhamida says:

    Carrot sticks and apple slices

  26. JoCar says:


  27. Amy Lambert says:

    carrot sticks

  28. Helen Humphries says:

    Fresh fruit & carrot sticks. These boxes are 👍

  29. Ruth Eaton says:

    Pinwheels with tuna. My daughter loves them. She also loves cucumber so that would have to be in there. So many possibilities.

  30. Kelly Brown says:

    Sausage rolls!

  31. Ana Nowell says:


  32. LAURA PYPER says:


  33. Catherine Stewart says:


  34. Hayley Colburn says:

    Strawberries and Kiwi

  35. Solange says:

    Carrot sticks.

  36. Keith Hunt says:


  37. Marion says:

    Dried golden raisins and cranberries

  38. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Carrot Sticks

  39. Sarah Parker says:


  40. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Carrot sticks with houmous

  41. Rich Tyler says:


  42. Kris Mc says:

    falafal and hummous

  43. Rachel says:

    Little cubes of cheese and some ham to go with some mini crackers.

  44. leanne weir says:

    boiled eggs

  45. Rebecca Saunders says:

    cucumber sticks

  46. Fiona says:

    cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks

  47. claire glace says:

    ~Carrot sticks

  48. Louise King says:

    Cheese string. She is obsessed at the minute with them!

  49. emma falvi says:




  51. Clare H says:

    boiled egg

  52. Lorraine Kirk says:

    A piece of chocolate courgette cake. We have a glut of courgettes!

  53. emma walters says:

    cous cous salad 🙂

  54. Helen W says:

    Some carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and crackers.

  55. Edward Guerreiro says:

    I would put some blueberries, dairy free cheese, pom bears etc.

  56. rebecca h says:

    I definitely would put some little cheese cubes! and maybe some popcorn!

  57. Denise Cop says:

    raisins and sultanas

  58. sarah rees says:

    fresh fruit berries and grapes

  59. mike powell says:

    Carrot sticks

  60. Carol Bell says:

    Cucumber and Apple

  61. Sarah Mackay says:

    A rice salad

  62. Fanny Tran says:


  63. Tammy Tudor says:

    yummy crunchy carrot sticks

  64. floella says:

    Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad and a banana

  65. Rebecca says:

    Ham and brocolli fritata

  66. starsailing888 says:

    Carrot sticks

  67. Karen Barrett says:

    Pasta Salad

  68. Zoe C says:

    Sliced strawberries and melon

  69. Suzanne Jackson says:

    blueberries, my son loves them at the moment

  70. suey1969 says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  71. Marie Timms says:

    Mixed berries

  72. Katharine Balyuzi says:

    Banana sushi!

  73. Angela Walker says:


  74. musicaljojo says:

    Carrot Sticks!

  75. Louise Gibson says:

    My son is a fruit bat so lots of berries, with cheese and some ham.

  76. Matt carter says:

    Crudités and dips always a winner in our household

  77. lotusbalth says:

    Salmami and meats

  78. Suzanne says:

    Kiwi fruit

  79. andrea tinkler says:

    raisins and blueberries xxx

  80. ruth robinson says:

    i would put some satsuma segments in nice and refreshing and full of vitamin c

  81. fiona waterworth says:

    pepper sticks and cherry tomatoes, I have really healthy kids

  82. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    little bits of cheese always goes down well.

  83. Pete Seaman says:

    dried banana and raisins

  84. Alice Dixon says:

    My son loves blueberries in his pack lunches

  85. iain maciver says:


  86. compy99 says:

    grapes and rasins

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