Win – A pair of personalised Printster socks!

Contrary to popular belief, socks are definitely NOT a BORING gift. Well, Printster’s aren’t anyway!

Create a special pair of personalised socks to brighten up dad’s sock drawer this Father’s Day, adding an image of him, you or even the family dog! Simply upload a photo and choose a design.

We’ll get your personalised socks delivered to your door in time for Father’s Day. Personalise your gift wrap too by adding a photo to quality wrapping paper in just a few clicks.

For your chance to win a pair of personalised socks, simply enter via the widget below and follow the instructions for more chances to win!  Competition closes on 31 May 2019 when two winners will be chosen at random – good luck!

Win – A pair of personalised Printster socks!





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48 Responses to Win – A pair of personalised Printster socks!

  1. Emma Wolski says:

    My Dad is a bit of a loveable oddball so would love these!

  2. Elaine Savage says:

    He is 87 and would be delighted and amazed at the things that can be done on the Internet!

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Quirky and fun – match dads personality PERFECTLY

  4. Sheila McKenna says:

    My dad’s super trendy and would love these

  5. Laura Corrall says:

    Because not only is it fathers day on the 16th, it’s also his birthday. He would love these socks!

  6. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    Because he is my dad and I always want everything the best for him.

  7. Chris Andrews says:

    Tell us why your Dad/Loved one deserves to win a pair of these Printster socks! to demonstrate how much l love him

  8. Suzanne Gaulton says:

    He’s so hard to buy for, I never know what to get him. These are quirky & cute and would be an amazing gift!

  9. Kim Carberry says:

    He’s the best dad and it’s a running joke that I always buy him socks. hehehe

  10. M Chung says:

    Because he is super dad

  11. claire griffiths says:

    hes a top dad and loves a laugh

  12. leanne weir says:

    These socks look like such fun – he would love them

  13. Dale Dow says:

    My husband loves funky socks and he is an amazing Dad

  14. Carolyn E says:

    It’s become a tradition. I buy him crazy socks and he loves to show them off to all his friends at the bowls club, the cricket club and all the other clubs he goes to.

  15. Sarah Parker says:

    My husband would love these silly socks and so would the kids 🙂

  16. James McLaughlin says:

    He is a top dad and would love to treat him with some funny socks. He loves a good laugh.

  17. Lisa Tang says:

    With my husbands funny personality, he would love these with the kids faces on haha

  18. Jo Hutchings says:

    I think he’d find them hilarious he loves laughing at silly things.

  19. Karen R says:

    Because it would make all his students laugh to see him wearing such fabulous socks!

  20. Alice Dixon says:

    My husband is always in need of new socks, these would be a great present from our boys to him

  21. Lorna Ledger says:

    He’s fun, smart, kind, caring, and always there for us

  22. Ruth T says:

    These socks look like such fun, my husband would enjoy chasing the kids with them.

  23. Michelle Smith says:

    Because he has a fun personality and would love these.

  24. Amy Beckett says:

    My dad deserved to win as my bro always steals his socks

  25. Jade Hewlett says:

    Would be the best Father’s Day gift for my grandad as whenever he’s asked what he wants for birthdays / Christmas he always says socks!

  26. Harmony Sai says:

    Because he is super dad

  27. Rich Tyler says:

    These are right up his street

  28. Ruth Harwood says:

    We’ve been through a lot with problems with my health and the support has left us both shattered!!

  29. Ashleigh Etherington says:

    My partner deserves this because he has worked so hard to support us and is an amazing Dad to our 2 year old son. We are soon to be parents again and I just want him to know he is valued by us all and he does a great job 🙂

  30. elisabeta says:

    hes my best friend and is always there for me, plus he just loves socks!!

  31. Danielle Spencer says:

    He’s been so loving and really appreciates things I do and give to him.

  32. Sarah Rees says:

    He has had a tough few months with health problems

  33. Jodie Sawyer says:

    My husband LOVES socks! A pair with the kids’ faces on would be an excellent surprise for Fathers’ Day!

  34. libradragon2 says:

    hes an absolute star!

  35. DE says:

    He’s a grumpy old git and I’m hoping these might make him smile. Fingers crossed.

  36. sam says:

    Because he has minging feet that need to be hidden

  37. Sarah Cooper says:

    He deserves them because he walks a lot doing jobs for everyone.

  38. Catherine McAlinden says:

    He is about to turn 40, and my kids love buying him socks for his birthday. These look fun!

  39. Angela Treadway says:

    because he has been a fantastic help and i would love to treat him x

  40. Claire woods says:

    For my partner because he is 50 this year.

  41. Tracy Nixon says:

    My dad loves bright and ‘stand out’ socks!

  42. Emma Morgan says:

    My mother in law would love theses for her 70th later this year , she has a wonderful sense of humour.

  43. felicity says:

    because he loves a joke 🙂

  44. Annabel Greaves says:

    My husband has his 50th in July, this would be a lovely treat xx

  45. iain maciver says:

    cant go wrong with socks perfect for dad

  46. af1978 says:

    My father in law would love them x

  47. mata777 says:

    My partner deserves them as he is the best dad (to our kids) he can be

  48. Solange says:

    These socks are quirky and one-of-a-kind just like my Dad.

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