Win – A Kids Bean Bag from GreatBeanBags™ !

This month we have teamed up with GreatBeanBag™ to offer one lucky Mojomum’s child the chance to win a kid-sized classic retro bean bag and you can choose whatever colour you want too!

This classic retro bean bag can be used in the house or out in the garden, perfect for those long summer days or when the rain forces us in to watch a film or two.

For your chance to win, simply enter via the widget below and follow the instructions for even more chances to grab your kids a bean bag! Competition closes on 30 April 2018 when a winner will be chosen at random – best of luck!

Win – A Kids Bean Bag from GreatBeanBags™ !

For more information and to see a variety of children’s bean bags check out the GreatBeanBags™ website today.

To enter more Mojomums competitions this month click here!

196 Responses to Win – A Kids Bean Bag from GreatBeanBags™ !

  1. john prendergast says:


  2. raspberryfluff says:

    We’d love to win a red one please!

  3. Layla Thomas says:

    Black would be perfect for my son.

  4. Hayley Todd says:

    I would absolutely love the Sky Blue Bean Bag.

  5. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I would love win a grey one please

  6. lolamia says:

    Navy blue

  7. olivia Kirby says:

    I think I would choose grey! Some lovely colours there!

  8. cat holdcroft says:

    Blue I think

  9. Mickie Bull says:


  10. Karen Worrall says:


  11. Faye Reed says:


  12. R Amison says:


  13. Holly king says:

    Blue please

  14. Stevie says:

    Royal blue looks nice.

  15. Sarah Brokenshire says:

    red x

  16. Fanny Tran says:


  17. Sarah webb says:

    Purple please!

  18. hannafore says:

    I would choose the Sky Blue

  19. katrina walsh says:

    lime green

  20. holly harmsworth says:

    royal blue

  21. Linda Ford says:

    Black please

  22. Victoria Thurgood says:


  23. Claire Butler says:

    lime green

  24. Ursula Hunt says:

    I would pick Sunflower yellow, my favourite colour

  25. Nishma patel says:


  26. Farhana Chowdhury says:


  27. Rebecca Sutton says:

    I would choose the pink one

  28. Joanne Nelson says:

    Sunflower yellow, I think!

  29. MANDY DOHERTY says:


  30. charlie pope says:


  31. Hannah Scudder says:


  32. Gary Topley says:

    ‘Sky Blue’, thankyou for the competition x

  33. Louise Reeks says:

    i would pick blue

  34. Clarehubbard says:


  35. Helen Stratton says:

    I would choose purple.

  36. hayley pemberton says:


  37. Laura Walton says:

    Would love purple.. or blue.. They’re both so awesome!

  38. Louise says:

    Yellow please

  39. Steven S says:

    Pink for my little girl

  40. Aleksandra Jozwiak says:

    Blue !

  41. Mel Turner says:

    My son loves purple he would love one of these

  42. Keshia Esgate says:

    Yellow please

  43. Kelly-Ann Smith says:

    Blue would be amazing

  44. Mrs Gemma Huelin says:

    Orange pretty please x

  45. Clair Dukes says:

    Sky blue!

  46. Karen Lloyd says:

    Olive Green please.

  47. m hines says:

    love the purple one

  48. plastigffantastig says:


  49. Rich Tyler says:

    Sunflower Yellow

  50. Caroline Blaza says:


  51. Kris Mc says:


  52. Karen Barrett says:

    Grey please

  53. becci cleary says:

    PINK or PURPLE for my 8 year old 🙂

  54. vixxx666 says:

    Black please

  55. Tammy Tudor says:


  56. Sophie says:

    Definitely green

  57. Sharon Hirst says:

    Would love for my nephew and Blue would be great

  58. Lorraine Kirk says:

    Orange please

  59. Maggie Coates says:

    pink please

  60. Zoey P says:

    Orange please

  61. TRACY JAMES says:

    BLUE would be great

  62. Adrian Bold says:

    Purple please

  63. DawnAnn says:

    Purple please.

  64. Simon C says:

    I’d go for Royal Blue.

  65. gemma hendry says:


  66. sarah summers says:

    purple plz

  67. Claire Croft says:

    royal blue 🙂

  68. lotusbalth says:

    Royal Blue, these are cool

  69. Sarah Addey says:

    Red please 😀

  70. divamode says:

    I would pick purple my favourite colour

  71. kayleigh Robinson says:

    Purple please! My kids would love one x

  72. Charlene Merrall says:

    I would have to choose between pink or cream I think!

  73. Sarah Fielding says:

    Royal Blue

  74. Sue Bowden says:

    Sunflower Yellow

  75. Emma Gibson says:

    Royal Blue

  76. Gaynor Spanswick says:

    Our son would love the grey please .

  77. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Yellow please

  78. Lindsey stuart says:

    Purple please

  79. Marc Chivers says:


  80. Michelle Smith says:

    Navy Blue

  81. Dale Dow says:

    I would chose Grey x

  82. Jackie Howell says:


  83. lesley renshaw says:

    Red please x

  84. Sarah Hurrell says:

    Orange please

  85. Lyndsey Cooksey says:

    Oooh the purple would be lovely!! Thanks for the chance!

  86. claire glace says:

    Lovely, Lime green please…..

  87. Tammy Westrup says:

    I would choose the blue please!

  88. anthon redhead says:


  89. Sadiyya Maryam says:

    Purple please.

  90. Jessica Woods says:

    Sky blue please


    red please

  92. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Blue please

  93. Sarah Morris says:

    Purple, my fave colour!!

  94. Katy Malkin says:


  95. Samantha Fletcher says:

    Forest Green

  96. floella says:

    Purple please 🙂

  97. leanne weir says:

    Grey please

  98. Denise says:

    Purple please

  99. Rebecca Brown says:

    Black please

  100. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Grey please

  101. Laura Britton says:

    Grey please

  102. Clare H says:


  103. Helen W says:


  104. Danielle Spencer says:

    I love the Sky Blue

  105. LAURA MILTON says:

    I would have it in grey (best for hiding spills haha)

  106. Sarah Rees says:

    I like the sky blue

  107. MM says:

    I like the Blue

  108. Emma Wallace says:

    Sunflower yellow for my little sunflower

  109. Kerry Martindale says:

    Sunflower yellow please

  110. Tina Hewitt says:

    Sunflower Yellow please

  111. Hannah Irish says:

    Olive Green

  112. gemma brown says:

    sunflower yellow please

  113. Yolanda Davis says:

    sky blue please

  114. Jamie Piper says:

    Navy Blue

  115. Heidi Brown says:

    sunflower yellow pls!

  116. hayley webb says:

    Black would be the best

  117. Carol says:

    Blue please!

  118. Kieran says:

    Royal blue

  119. CHERRY Lloyd says:

    Navy Blue please

  120. Kate Loader says:

    Purple please

  121. Ren Taylor says:


  122. k dunn says:

    purple please

  123. Mark Palmer says:

    Royal blue

  124. Lauren Pilkington says:

    grey x

  125. Liam Bishop says:

    Purple please

  126. JoCar says:


  127. andrea miles says:

    royal blue

  128. Debi Gillard says:

    Black please

  129. Emily Hutchinson says:


  130. dorothy merrett says:

    Red please

  131. Kelly Glen says:


  132. Samantha Swain says:

    Grey please

  133. Mel says:

    Got to be royal blue for my little girl – she choose the colour herself 🙂

  134. Edward Guerreiro says:

    Sunflower Yellow

  135. C Whitlow says:

    Blue x

  136. Sarah Mackay says:


  137. elisabeta says:

    id love the grey one x

  138. Alice Matthews says:

    Sunflower yellow

  139. Simon M says:

    Blue for my little lad, please.

  140. Tracy Nixon says:


  141. Pamela Hutchinson says:

    Pink please

  142. Chrissy Harris says:

    Blue would be great

  143. sarah says:

    Blue for my boy 🙂

  144. laura jayne bates says:


  145. sharon martin says:


  146. Catherine Stewart says:

    Love it in pink for my nieces

  147. clair downham says:

    black please

  148. Graham Ross says:

    Purple please

  149. Jen Oconnell says:


  150. Zoe S says:

    Blue as it’s my two boys’ favourite colour <3

  151. Hayley Colburn says:

    I would choose pink for my girls’ bedroom

  152. Kate Fox-Pope says:

    Purple please

  153. Alice Dixon says:

    I’d choose blue

  154. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Blue please

  155. Paula Barker says:

    Orange please

  156. janice morrison says:


  157. Philip Oneill says:

    Pink Please 🙂

  158. Josephine Phelps says:

    Royal Blue

  159. sarah rees says:


  160. laura stewart says:

    Purple please x

  161. emma falvi says:


  162. Juli Savage says:


  163. iain maciver says:


  164. Nicola Marshall says:

    Blue please.



  166. Pete Seaman says:


  167. joanna butler-savage says:


  168. Melanie Betteridge says:

    lime green

  169. Lyndsey says:


  170. Karen says:


  171. laura banks says:


  172. Kay Surtees says:


  173. Elizabeth Bazley says:


  174. Kellie Steed says:


  175. Sally says:

    Blue would be lovely

  176. Andrea Stordy says:


  177. Kevin Honey says:

    Purple, please

  178. melanie stirling says:

    Lime green please.

  179. sallie says:

    forest green

  180. Cassie Walsworth says:


  181. Tracy R says:


  182. Iris Tilley says:

    Black please

  183. Marion says:

    Navy Blue please.

  184. Kim Christianson says:

    Blue please

  185. Jennifer Bruce says:

    Sunflower yellow

  186. Solange says:


  187. Karl Borowy says:


  188. Heidi Borchardt says:

    Purple, if possible please.

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