Why Flying a Private Jet Can Cost Less Than You Think

Booking a last-minute trip can cause a massive headache. You could easily spend hours looking for available flights but not find what you are looking for. Then, once you finally manage to see a couple of tickets to the right destination, there’s the possibility that it might be too expensive! Do you bite the bullet and pay or postpone your holiday?

With most commercial airlines, paying over the odds for a flight at short notice is more common than we would like. Spending more on the actual tickets than on the accommodation or souvenirs for our friends and family is hard to take, but there could be an alternative in the form of private jets.

Some private flights can be surprisingly cheap, even though they are the method of air travel for high-flying business people (no pun intended). If you book in a group for, say, a big family holiday, you can save a lot on the cost of your flight. Private jet hire has become less expensive, falling by 16% between 2014 and 2016.

Spare Seats

Booking in bulk can lead to a cost saving, making private jets cheaper than some mainstream airlines. However, this is not the only way in which going private can help you to save a few pennies. Some private jets have return flights with a few spare seats. Some who fly privately may only choose to go one-way, leaving the other leg empty.

These empty leg flights go to a predetermined destination at a set time. If you like globetrotting at a moment’s notice, these are perfect. They often go to glamorous destinations such as Dubai, New York, Paris and Rome, while some airlines are more than willing to offer discounts in order to fill those otherwise empty seats on board.

Savvy Flyers

To take advantage of a bargain, you do need to be eagle-eyed and keep searching for any flights to your preferred destination. An empty leg flight may appear when you least expect it, but booking one would guarantee you a seat, sometimes in a more luxurious plane than the one you might be used to boarding.

In the UK and Europe, demand is expected to grow for private jets this year. Whether it’s for business or leisure, more private jets could mean more flights with seats to spare. If this trend does occur, expect more people to go private in search of a bargain and to avoid the pitfalls of flying the traditional way.

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