Why does it always rain during half term?

Yes, it is the question that is always on my lips – why does it always rain during half term?

We spend the few weeks leading up to the school holidays thinking of activities to keep the kids entertained, to keep them busy, to make their holiday special and fun.  And so many of these plans are involving being outside, enjoying the sunshine, getting some fresh air…

…And then what actually happens is it rains, plans are cancelled, kids complain they are bored, mums start tearing their hair out!

Why do we do this to ourselves?!  Surely we should have learnt by now that if there is a Bank Holiday then the weather will turn against us!  No BBQ’s in the garden for us.  No sun filled days at a nearby beach to be enjoyed.  No playing in the park for hours on end…

Just rain…rain…and a little more rain!!!

Well, my plans for this half term are going ahead, regardless of the weather!  We are off to visit family in Minehead and we WILL be going on the beautiful beach, maybe in rain macs and wellies, but we will be going!  A picnic will be packed and possibly eaten in the car rather than on the beach, but that might be better, who wants sand in their sarnies anyway?  We will buy buckets and spades and fishing nets for the boys, they don’t care if they get wet so long as they are having fun.  We will enjoy fresh, locally caught fish and chips wrapped in newspaper while looking out to sea.  Ok, it might be from inside the fish and chip shop, but who cares, it will still taste as good…

So whatever your plans this half term, go ahead, enjoy them and hopefully the sun will shine on us…please…!!!

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