When are you having another one?

Is it just me or now that my daughter is reaching 3 the only question I seem to get asked is when are you having another one? No matter what I say to that there is no right answer, some days I say  Oh my god no, absolutely not, no, never, other times I reply well it would be nice to have a brother or sister for Bethany. No matter what my response the comeback is always the same, you see it won’t be long!


If I’m honest, if I am going to put myself through the sleepless nights again it had better be sooner rather than later or it really won’t ever happen! The fact is though, I had a fantastic pregnancy, no nausea, no heartburn, I got big but I loved it! The birth was OK and my daughter ate, slept and did everything she was supposed to from a very early age so I really can’t complain.  So what is putting me off? Well there are a few things to consider:


1)      I am a complete cow without sleep – I mean awful, I wouldn’t want to live me for those first few weeks and as magical and amazing as it all was I was still horrible!


2)      I have a 3 year old who will be going to school and needs dropping off at a set time, now when I had my daughter everything got delayed by at least an hour! How do you cope with 2?


3)      My husband is a twin. This could mean double trouble and as fantastic as that is, it does scare me a little if I’m honest!


4)      The thought of loving anyone as much as I love my daughter is alien to me, I can’t imagine how that changes and I know all my friends tell me it is different it is new love and it feels the same, it does scare me that I couldn’t love anyone that much again!?


5)      Chances are I will only do it once more (if I am lucky enough) and I loved being pregnant so the thought of saying I’m done and never being pregnant again also worried me, will I mourn the feeling of never having that special time again?


6)      The cost, I work full time, because I have to! My husband works full time too so we would have to rely on my mum again who is “nanny” extraordinaire, but I do feel bad just as she is about to get a lie in having retired and I hand her a new baby and say – there you go oh and don’t’ forget to pick Bethany up from Nursery at 12 too!


7)      What if what everyone has said is true and you don’t get two the same. I could end up with a non-sleeping, difficult eating, nightmare child!


As you can see this is not an easy decision and I have put thought into it. So next time someone asks I think I may start to run through this list with them, they’ll be sorry they asked then and maybe will leave me alone in future to panic by myself, but I’m sure that’s normal to have all those questions……….Isn’t it????


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