Whats in a name? Top 10 boys & girls names for 2013

The top 100 names given to boys & girls born in 2013 have been released – are any of your childrens names in the top 10?  Click on the name to discover the ‘meaning’

Boys names:

1 Jack
2 Oliver
3 Harry
4 Charlie
5 Jacob
6 Alfie
7 Oscar
8 James
9 Thomas
10 Noah
Girls names:
Some of the more, uherm, unusual names given this year include Victory, Luck & London for boys & Pinky, Ream & Puppy for girls…so, whats in a name?  How did you decide on a name for your little bundle of joy?  Did you wait until they were born or did you have the perfect name chosen before you were even pregnant?  We’d love to hear from you…
The top 100 names can be found here

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