What will you be wearing to bed this winter?

In these busy days PJ’s and onesie’s are more “at home” wear rather than just for bed wear. At least us ladies here at Mojomums HQ love nothing more than getting home from a busy day, getting the business wear off and getting the comfy clothes on. But with supermarket deliveries and neighbours who may knock you can’t be too scruffy, or in fleecy fluffy PJ’s that would be a bit embarrasing! So here are our our top picks of winter PJ’s:

Sally says I walk through the door and the first thing I do is get into my comfy nightwear, however I have to make sure I can answer the door to the Ocado delivery man so this would be my top pick:

Amanda says I tend to wear a tracksuit or leggings when I get in, we have fab neighbours who often pop in, so I can’t get the Pj’s on too early. But when I do I love to feel warm and snug!

Emma says I could live in my pyjamas  – theres nothing better that a pyjama day on the weekend where we all stay in our pj’s for as long as possible!


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