What to Wear in Las Vegas

The world is certainly a smaller place with many of us traveling each year to destinations that we at one time, would never had thought possible, and one of the most popular destinations for friends and family alike is Las Vegas. Nothing beats playing live roulette in the worlds gambling mecca.

If you are lucky enough to planning a trip there then you will definitely need to be prepared for more than the gambling odds as Sin City is a whole lot more than slot machines and roulette tables.

In fact, it’s important that you pack your suitcase with items that you can mix and match, so you are prepared for anything that might come your way in the city that never sleeps.

Many people visiting Las Vegas have an itinerary and packing shoes and clothing based on that itinerary is obviously a good idea. That great pair of shoes that will do you through dinner and dancing is a must, but remember if you are a lady to pick neutral and versatile shoes that you can match up with all of your evening wear.

If you are not intending to be burning the candle at both ends then picking a really comfortable pair of shoes so that you don’t get tired feet when ‘walking the strip.’

For the evening remember this is your opportunity to glam things up, and if you think of bold colours, metallics and prints then you won’t go far wrong. Ladies can also mix up thier styles with jumpsuits, skirts and dresses which work well on the dance floor, or if you are seeing a show, and then of course they will also work well if you do decide to hit the casinos.

Generally, for the guys, smart casual is the norm, with smart shirts and pants being quite acceptable for shows, casinos and restaurants.

Remember the hotel pools are like another world in Las Vegas where fashion can be prioritised over function as the beautiful people strut their stuff whilst sipping on their frozen drinks.

Ladies can do well if they pair their swimsuits up with a floor length cover up and pretty sandals together with a great pair of sunglasses, and the guys can look great in a good pair of swim shorts and sunglasses, but no one looks cool with a nasty sunburn, so use that sun tan lotion liberally.

Shopping is great in Las Vegas and if you pack some casual wear into your suitcase that can be mixed and matched then you will be all set for some great shopping trips. Flowy tops and shorts for the ladies look great as do knee length shorts and a t-shirt do for the guys.

Staying comfortable is important and that dry Vegas heat can really be a pain if you are not dressed accordingly with many people not realising how the temperature can drop in the evening. Packing a light jacket if you are going to be out in the evenings does not take up a lot of space in your suitcase and can add very much to your comfort during the Las Vegas Nights.

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