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We are sure that there are hundreds of thousands of pairs of children’s shoes, outgrown and now unloved, hiding in the back of a wardrobe, under a bed gathering dust, all over the country!  I know I am guilty of this and when it comes to my childrens outgrown school shoes they tend to be disregarded; too used for handing down or the charity shop, but still in good ‘working condition’.  So what to do with them…?

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Sal’s Shoes is a not-for-profit organisation set up when mum CJ was faced with a collection of son Sal’s outgrown shoes.  CJ sought out charities who could donate them to those most in need and found there wasn’t a single organisation that could tell her where Sal’s pre-loved shoes would actually end up…Sal’s Shoes evolved.


In the first year, 4,805 pairs of shoes were collected and distributed in 8 countries, including in the UK. In 2015, Sal’s Shoes collected 81,598 pairs of shoes and distributed them in 26 countries.

At the end of the school academic year in 2016 Sal’s Shoes were delighted to collaborate with The Hayes Primary School in launching their Toe to Toe initiative and here at Mojomums we think this is an amazing campaign, and one that would be so easy to bring to your own child’s school this year…

Here is the letter that Hayes Primary School sent to their parents:

In a few weeks, the school will close and children will cheer to mark the end of this academic year. Before the children run for the doors to enjoy their long summer holiday, we want them to change another child’s life on the way out . . . 

We ask that at the end of the last day of term, they take their school shoes off and place them on their desk and leave school barefoot.

We will give the donated shoes to a child in Africa via the wonderful work of Sal’s Shoes, a charity we have supported for a few years.

So those shoes, which are unlikely to be used again because feet grow over the summer or are a little scuffed so will be replaced in time for the new school year, won’t just sit in the shoe cupboard getting in the way, but will have a second life.  We’d love for your child to take part.

A whole school leaving barefoot is a powerful message that we want to help those fellow school children who have no choice and leave school barefoot every day.

Please help us to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

There is no obligation to take part but we would love to support this charity and the work they carry out in finding new feet for pre-loved children’s shoes. 

P.S. Of course the children can bring in another pair of shoes to change into after walking out of school for their journey home; and if you have only recently purchased their school shoes perhaps your child has another pair of outgrown shoes they may wish to bring in and leave behind.

And here are their results…

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In September 2016, 6 weeks after they were donated at the end of the summer term because they would be replaced in time for the autumn term, these Sal’s Shoes went back to school on the feet of the pupils at Ankoma Presbyterian Primary School, Ankoma DA Primary School AND Ankoma COINS School in Ankoma, in the Kwahu District in Ghana.

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Powerful images…

There is still time for your school to get involved.  Find more information here


To read our Profile of a Working Mum post with Sal’s Shoes founder CJ, click here.

To find out more about Sal’s Shoes you can visit their website www.salsshoes.com or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/salsshoes1


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