What To Do If You Receive A Faulty Christmas Gift

The holidays are an enjoyable time of the year because of all the gifts being received and exchanged. However, it’s possible the product you were gifted turned out to be faulty and maybe even be dangerous to have in your possession.

Use the following advice to help you know what to do should you receive a faulty Christmas gift. Understand that there are steps you can take to ensure the right people are notified and that the situation is properly handled. What you don’t want to do is ignore the defective product and in turn have to experience injuries and harm from keeping it in your house.

Put it Aside

If you receive a faulty Christmas gift, then it’s in your best interest to put it aside after realising that it’s damaged or not functioning properly. This is especially important if your kids are around or can easily get possession of it. It’s advised to take a picture of it and then record down any notes about why you believe it’s faulty.

Seek Compensation

By law under The Consumer Rights Act, you’re protected and entitled to compensation if you have a valid case for receiving a faulty product. If you’ve been injured due to this malfunctioning gift then it’s a wise idea to contact the-compensation-experts.co.uk and file a claim, so you can seek compensation for your distress. The point is that you shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s mistake.

Leave A Review

As a consumer, it’s likely you’d want to know if a product should be avoided because it was delivered faulty. Take time to go online and leave a review of your experience so that others are aware of the possibility that they may also receive a broken or defective item. This is also a great way to make sure the company is being held responsible for selling and shipping a faulty product to customers. Be specific and provide details about your situation, so others are fully informed of what to be on the lookout for.

Ask for A Refund, Repair or Replacement

Although this was a gift, it’s your right to ask for a refund, repair or replacement from the company. Let them know it was a Christmas gift and see what their policy is regarding your complaints. It’s more than likely they’ll be very accommodating and will be able to find a solution that you find reasonable. What’s most important is that you stop using and handling the faulty gift so that you can avoid any further damage or injuries.


This is a good reminder that you’re not completely helpless should you receive a faulty Christmas gift. Use these tips to help you work your way through the situation in a calm manner and make sure the proper people are notified of the damages. You’ll sleep a lot better at night knowing you took action instead of letting it slide and as a result the company gets away with sending out a faulty product.


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