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Did you see the program about capped benefits last night? What did you think? Did you agree that a borough of London should house people outside of London as the cost of housing is cheaper or do you think they should do all they can to keep people in the borough in which they live? Are you cross as you can’t afford to live in Lonodn or the area of your county that you would love to, because the cost of housing is too expensive, so why should somebody on benefits be able to dictate where they are prepared to live?

Right Mojomum’s, it’s time to get off the fence and tell us what you think about benefits? We hear so much and there are so many programs like benefits street and this panorama program last night that give stories from real life people, but what about you?

Are you a mum who relies on benefits and watches these programs saying but what about me, this isn’t a fair portrayal of mums like me! Are you a working mum who’s blood boils when you watch these programs, thinking but they are living in a bigger house than me, and they have more disposable income than I do and yet I work and pay for child care! How is that fair?

We would love to hear your opinion on the current system, and what do you think should happen? If you were put in front of David Cameron for an hour, what would you say to him? Do you have an idea that could transform the system, or do you think it is fine the way it currently is or it was better under the old Labour government who paid out more in benefits?

Obviously we have been talking in the office and we all have an opinion, but before we share ours, let’s hear yours!

Either post your comments below or email us at hello@mojomums.co.uk

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