We Want to Hear From Couples Whose Wedding Day Was Ruined & Didn’t go to plan.

We’ve been contacted by a prodcution company looking for people who’s wedding day had a hitch or two! We thought you mums might be interested in telling your story and having your 15 minutes of fame? So if you have a story to tell carry on reading and contact Red House TV to tell them your story.


Things don’t always go as planned…even weddings!

Was your wedding day sadly ruined? If something made your wedding a day a huge letdown (and you have photos or videos of the day) then we’d like to chat with you.

With so many elements to a wedding, sometimes things can go wrong.

Did your day end up being doomed from the start? Unbelievable bad luck? Did your venue turn out to be a nightmare of epic proportions? Did something happen that altered the events of the day? Maybe there was an unexpected accident? Did you find yourself sat in the local A&E, or even calling 999?! Did a drunken guest mess up?

Whatever the reason for your big day letdown, we’d like to hear your story. Red House TV are working on a new and exciting wedding show idea that gives deserving couples a prize.

Please note: by getting in touch you are not committing to filming in any way and your call will be dealt with in a confidential manner.


Contact: Rachel on 0203 189 3155 or email Rachel.forbes@redhousetv.co.uk

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