Walk into the Unknown, Ines C. Rothen

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In the summer of 1960 a stranger to Britain flew from her native Switzerland to Gatwick. Her name was Ines Rothen. As a twenty-one-year-old au pair alone in the soot, grime and bombsites of London, she hoped only to find her feet, broaden her horizons and improve her English. She was an absolute beginner in a foreign capital at a time when television was a new thing, the Sunday Express was a broadsheet, abortion was illegal and some said the Beatles were cr*p. Her father expected her back in a year. Fifty-four years later a successful businesswoman in publishing, property development and a happily married mother booted up her computer and wrote her story. Herself a Londoner, she has recreated the world of the sixties and what came after, sharing the experience of Britain becoming familiar through the faces and friendships of one woman’s relationships. Her name is Ines Rothen.

Publisher: Austin Macauley, Oct 2014

Reviewer: Uzma Riyaz

This autobiography is a fascinating account by Ines C. Rothen. It is written by a lady who first came to England in 1960 as a twenty-one-year-old.  It follows the author’s journey, by means of reflective memories of her experiences in England. The descriptive language used makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing what the author has written. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book which takes you into a completely different world (even though it is set in England itself). It shows the conventions and lives of people in the 1960s through the eyes of a determined, young woman.


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