Vicki O’Callaghan, Co-Founder of BabyBoo

Name: Vicki O Callaghan


Age: 42

Number of children:  Just the one, that’s enough!

Job title: co-founder BabyBoo.

Duties: We run the company together so there’s a bit of crossover between us but generally I take care of customer service, digital marketing, social media, branding and design. Michelle my business partner looks after the HR, finances, logistics, stock, warehouse etc.

Hours: As anyone with their own business will tell you, there are no set hours. I try to work it around my daughter so I drop her to school everyday and am in the warehouse for 9.15, I collect her Monday and Friday so I try not to work those afternoons. Tue-Thur I have a childminder who collects and keeps her until 5.30. Then once she’s in bed the laptop is out again to catch up and you’re never really offline with Instagram and Facebook.

Childcare arrangements: I have a childminder who I would be lost without, she collects from school 3 days a week and steps in when I’m travelling to do extra hours. I parent solo so my parents are a great help as well when I’m away with work or just really busy and need to work weekends.

What I love about work: It’s mine, I worked for 18 years for other digital brands, building their business and growing their empire and now I get to do it for my own brand. It’s hugely satisfying and challenging.

What I find difficult is: Juggling everything, it’s really hard to find balance and to find time for myself. I guess where before I could switch off at 6pm that rarely happens now, it’s like having a second baby that needs to be cared for and nurtured as well.

My working life would be easier if… There were 10 more hours in the day!

Work/mum life balance: What’s that?

How having children has changed the work I do: Well Ruby inspired the business really, we’ll be 5 in September and she will be 6 in November, our bibs were the first product we developed and it was because she had very bad eczema and reflux and I couldn’t find anything that worked for us on the market.

Fantasy job / If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be… All jokes aside, this is my dream job. Sometimes I need to remind myself of this!!

Mojomums helps mums get their mojo back – what advice would you give to mums who feel they have lost theirs? Challenge yourself, is there something you’ve always wanted to learn or do, give it a go. Last year I took up swimming lessons and they’ve given me time for myself each week which is rare, time to have a coffee with a friend and switch off a little and confidence in myself because I can actually do it.


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