Valentines Proposal

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. A day of love and frustration, of proposals and breakups…well, we’d like to just concentrate on the proposals…
engagement ring

Emma – I had been out for the night and was a bit tipsy!  Hubby-to-be was a student studying computer programs at the time and had stayed at home.  He called me into our spare room, sat me on his knee & he had written a computer program – will you marry me?!  Press 1 for yes, 2 for no!  I pressed yes & the screen changed to say ‘you’ve made me the happiest man in the world’!

Helen –  It was Christmas Day and we were opening presents – I opened one from my hubby-to-be, it was a black t-shirt saying ‘Helen will you marry me?’   Many years before I had inheritated my grandmothers engagement ring, which I had already had fit to size and had put safely away, so I was able to wear my special engagement ring that day.  I still have the t-shirt!

Amanda – We were on holiday in Florida at Disney World and went to watch the Epcot fireworks (after a couple of pints at the Rose & Crown!).  Once they had finished I wanted to miss the rush home but he wanted to take photo – I got the hump!  He got down on one knee & proposed infront of the lagoon – with a borrowed ring from his mum so that I could chose my own!

Kelly – Whenever we walked past a jewellers I would laugh and say ‘what ring are you going to buy me?!’  One day while shopping he lead me over to a jewellers and said ‘which ring do you want?!’ I thought he was joking until he said ‘will you marry me?’ I think I tried on every ring in the shop until I found one that fitted me – I wasn’t going home without one!

Lucy – My story is a little bit unusual as Steve & I had only been together 8 months.  I had just found I was pregnant with Alex (not planned) & Steve had been working away in Frankfurt. We both really missed each other & realised that we didn’t want to be apart again. On his return we went out for a lovely dinner at Café Rouge in Pinner & mutually decided it would be a good idea to get married… We both organised the wedding in 6 weeks & have now been married nearly 13 years & have 2 lovely children!


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