Vagina Buffet – Bite Size Tales of a Brazilian Waxer, S J Tierney

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Book Review:

SJ spent much of her early 20s travelling throughout Europe and living in the UK and South Africa. Upon returning to Australia she entered a career in advertising, working in television production, account service, public relations and media. She lives in Newcastle, NSW with her husband, daughter and puppy dog, Baxter.

SJ has seen thousands of vaginas. On her quest to normalise them, humor and calamity collide in this compilation of short stories and anecdotes about a girl who takes a break from her career in advertising to open a Brazilian waxing salon. It’s not all about vaginas – it’s about a girl trying to find her way through life, love, adventures, and whatever else the world could find to throw at her. This book is for anyone with a vagina, or anyone living with someone who has a vagina. It’s not crude, but a lighter look at the female anatomy.

Published by:  S J Tierney, April 2012

Currently available on Kindle, at Amazon

Reviewers:  Lucy and Helen


It’s very difficult to describe this book.  It’s not a novel and it’s not a textbook – but a collection of short stories, anecdotes and facts, some humorous, others serious.

The book covers the Vagina from all angles, so to speak, from biological make-up, Brazilian waxing and body art, to medical problems, hygiene, how to care for it, birth, etc – in fact there isn’t really a related topic that isn’t covered. The book also includes some “interesting” illustrations.

I think the aim of the book is for it to be a mostly light-hearted for the reader, to understand everything about the Vagina by reading about other people’s experiences and stories, to realise that if you have any concerns about it it’s probably nothing to worry about, and to not be afraid of it and of talking about it! Whether it does this for you is anyone’s guess?! And I think opinions will vary wildly about this book!

It’s an easy, light and quick read, and as there is no real story line doesn’t need to be read all in one go.


The Vagina Buffet is a humorous tale about waxing and lady bits.   The book was very informative and it’s reassuring that you are normal.  I found it informative and a good insight to the waxing world.  It made me laugh as I do have a different waxer for my bikini line and my other body parts.

I would recommend it to other readers but don’t suggest that they make a picture (if you read the book you will know what I mean).

The front cover is certainly eye catching and I did get a few funny looks from my colleagues in the office.

The author gives the readers an insight into her life and family and I really enjoyed the book.  Ladies definitely worth a read!

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