Unexpected life changes – Pregnant with twins!

After many years of trying for a child, to find out that you are not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins is most definitely a shock!  An amazing, life changing, never-just-the-two-of-us-again shock!

During the drive home from our scan confirming we were expecting twins, I do not think my husband & I said anything to each other except ‘oh my gosh!’ – I remember I got a serious case of the giggles when the sonographer said twins!

We were delighted, but obviously extremely nervous at the same time; how would we be able to look after two babies at the same time?; would everything in the pregnancy go ok?; would we need to move from our 2 bedroomed terrace house (with no parking)?; would I have to leave work?; how could we afford all of these things?

Telling our close family & friends put all of these fears aside – everyone was absolutely delighted & offered to help us as much as they could

My pregnancy ran smoothly, aside from consistant morning sickness & growing to the size of a small (or not-so-small!) house!

35 weeks pregnant - ready to burst!

35 weeks pregnant – ready to burst!

We did move house, choosing to move to the other side of the town that we live in, giving us the much longed for & needed driveway, 3 bedrooms & room to grow as our boys grow up…this is not something that I recommend when 8 months pregnant, but needs must & with a good removal team, help from family with the cleaning & my bump so big by now that the last thing to be moved from our old house was the armchair I sat in, we were ‘home’…

Our boys were born at term for twins (38+ weeks) & somehow we managed to look after them both at the same time!  Hard work, juggling, using all limbs to prop up bottles & making our way through untold amounts of nappies & formula, we were soon celebrating the milestones that make a babies first year…

It soon became clear that going back to work full time was not going to be an option for me – at least, not at this point.  The cost of childcare x 2 was going to eat up most of my salary & was there any point in working so hard to not see any of the benefit?  I took my full year maternity leave, plus a little extra with holiday days tagged on.  Nearing the end of my leave I was starting to worry about what to do when redundancy was mentioned…

This was going to be a lifeline for me – I had worked in my job for 14 years so the package that I received would help to cover costs in the short term.  I would be a ‘stay at home mum’ until I felt ready to head back into the workforce, until I felt my babies would benefit from the social side of childcare & until the money ran out!  I knew this opportunity was the right one for me & my family & I did not look back…

My boys are turning 3 in April & my life looks so different to that before twins; I now work part time at Mojomums doing a job I absolutely love; I have no where near the amount of disposable cash that I had pre-children (does anyone?!) but I have a great, fulfilling life; my holidays are now usually in the UK, not exotic worldwide destinations like before; & I have the love of 3 men in my life – my husband & my beautiful twin sons…life couldn’t be better…

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