Two nights away and I need a lorry…

My mum took my nan away to Bournemouth for a week, and we thought we would pop down for a couple of nights to the seaside. So I had a girlie couple of days to prepare for; me and my two girls, how hard could it be…….


Well firstly we had so much stuff I thought I would need to hire a van or something!  There was a bag for the girls, a bag for me, the steriliser and bottles, the bottle brush and washing up liquid, the pushchair, the car seats, bouncy chair….. the list really does go on!  The car was full to bursting.


So mission number one finished, girls strapped in and off we go. Book into the hotel and then a few days of being on the beach, walking through the park, going to Highcliffe Castle, a few shops, a game of crazy golf in the park, the carousel by the beach and all in the sunshine, it was lovely.

bethany dressing up

Dressing up at Highcliffe Castle


However bedtime was…interesting! I took the monitor and I tried waiting outside the door of our hotel room, that didn’t work. I tried laying in the room with her, however she saw this as a great excuse to talk to me. I tried sitting in the bathroom and again this was funny! So that wasn’t much use. The end result was a very tired girl an exceptionally grumpy mummy who lost her cool and I am ashamed to admit was outwitted by a 3 year old!


So what have I learnt from my experience…. How on earth do single mums cope? Really, it was such hard work, even with nanny and great nanny on hand, although maybe they hindered rather than helped!  Bethany is more than happy with just a bucket and spade, that is pretty much all she needs to make her holiday fantastic, well that and the warm weather. Final thing I learnt, Highfield castle is a really lovely place, a little walk through the castle, Bethany got to dress up, walk through the grounds and then the best bit of the day, the cake in the coffee shop was AMAZING!


Anyway we did on the whole have a wonderful time and Bournemouth and Christchurch are beautiful. We had great food, great fun and great company even if we didn’t have much sleep!

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