Top Ways to Broaden Your Social Circle

In today’s busy lifestyle, finding time to get out and meet new people is often put on the backburner. For parents, social circles can often be limited to other parents and family members, which is great most of the time but mixing it up can open your mind up to new experiences and people with different interests. Limiting your social circles can also have negative effects on how you interact with others outside of these and also make you feel shy towards meeting new people. You may also feel that you don’t have enough time to go out and have some time to yourself but in fact, if you rejig some things and evaluate your schedule, you may find a small spot to do something you enjoy and take the opportunity to meet different people.

Check out some of the ways you can broaden your social circles.

Take up a sport

If you left sports back in the days of school PE classes, then you might want to recapture those passions by taking up a competitive sport. While you may not be as nimble as when you were a teenager and if you have knee problems or some joint issues, its best to check them out before throwing yourself into the deep end, but there are plenty of sports you and get back into as an adult. Why not try a local netball team or tennis club for some great fun and healthy competition. There are plenty of ways to find new activities, especially with the click of a button.

Try a new hobby

Trying something completely new and challenging yourself to an exciting hobby can help you spark up a conversation with like-minded people. Group classes and workshops are ideal for collaborating with others and learning a new skill in the process. You can try everything from cooking, dance, drama, photography and book clubs plus many others to get you talking and interacting with everyone.


Not only does giving up your time to help others, assist you in meeting new and interesting people, it can also offer you the chance to feel great about giving back to your local community. You may want to offer your time at a local nursing home to chat to the residents and keep them company or volunteer at an animal shelter and surround yourself with like-minded animal lovers. Whatever you fancy doing, there is a huge call for volunteers in many sectors.

Social networking

You’ve probably heard of business networking, but there are also tons of groups that meet up to chat about common interests or find a reason to socialise. Sites such as are ideal for finding people or joining clubs in a non-romantic way and incorporate everything from meeting in cafes to getting social events organised for everyone to go out and have a good time.

If you’re struggling to find the time to give your social life a refresh, starting small and taking up something new could help you open the door to new friends and connections.

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