Mojomums Top 10 Tips for dressing your Christmas tree

Whether it’s a real tree or artificial, tall or small there are some easy wins to make your tree look fantastic this year.

xmas tree

Get it steady!

It could be in a stand or a bucket but get it on the floor and make sure it is straight first – there is nothing worse than dressing your tree and then realising you need to adjust it and then all the baubles fall off!


Find the perfect spot

Make sure your tree fits where you want it. If there is enough space to dress it in situ then do that, if not move it out a bit but try and keep it as close to where you want to put it as possible – it’ll make life easier in the long run!

xmas tree lights

Where to start

Unravel the lights and check they work, start at the bottom and wind the lights round the tree to the top. Make sure you can reach a plug or extension lead or else the lights will not be twinkling this year! There is nothing worse than a tree with lots of lights at the bottom and none at the top, so really try and spread them evenly – and it is better to have more lights than too few.


What’s your theme

There are several looks or colour schemes you can go for. Go for one or the other. So if you go traditional, stick to two colours and different baubles or if you go for a bold look which may have four colours or more, only go for up to four different style baubles.


What do you put on

Get all your decorations out and sort through them; get rid of anything broken and ones that don’t go with your theme this year. You can always get decorative twigs or a smaller tree for the hall or dining room if you want to use any remaining ornaments.

xmas tree beads

Tinsel, Beads, Garlands

Should you put tinsel, rows of beads or garlands on the tree? It’s up to you and depends what look you are going for; on a rustic style tree garlands of wood, dried orange slices, berries etc can look gorgeous, but use them as a feature rather than filling the tree with them and then loading them with baubles too.


Can you put too much on your tree?

Yes you can! If you are going for a classy tree, overloading it with tinsel and baubles of every shape and colour are not going to give you this look!  If you have children who want to decorate the tree and have made brightly coloured decorations, you may have to give up hope of a classic look tree until they get a bit older, after all keeping them happy is much more important then keeping up with the Jones’ this year!

xmas tree baubles


Put bigger baubles at the bottom of the tree. If you have feature baubles put them at eye level. Try and keep it symmetrical and try to spread out any different shape baubles too.


Don’t forget the back!

If you put the tree in a door or a window don’t forget the back as you will see it when you are outside. If it is against the wall you can forget the very back, but you will see the sides so just make sure there are no forgotten bare bits!

xmas tree finished

Get it in the space

Move the tree to exactly where you want it. Gently does it to cause minimal disruption and then put the fallen off baubles back on. Get the lights on and enjoy a glass of mulled wine or two whilst patting yourself on the back for a job well done!


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