Top Dog, Dougie Brimson

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The sequel to the best selling thriller, The Crew.

Hooligan gang leader Billy Evans is above the law. He knows it, and they know it. And when you regard the law as an irrelevance, all kinds of opportunities can open up for you. Especially when you begin to exert your increasingly powerful influence over the back street pubs and clubs of East London.

So when Billy gets the chance to make some serious money very quickly by helping a football club with an insurance scam, he grabs it with both hands.

But he’s about to discover that this time, he’s finally pushed his luck too far. And this time it isn’t the law he’ll have to contend with. It’s something far more dangerous.

Publisher: Category C Publishing, August 2011
Reviewer:  Yvonne Arbuthnot
If you like your characters to be gritty and real then this will be just up your street.   I was sceptical at first, as there was too much swearing for my liking;  once I got into the book however, I quite liked the lead character and accepted this as an integral part of his character. A glimpse into the world of football hooliganism in the East End of London and the hierarchy within, the author has captured the era beautifully. I was transported back to the beginning of the noughties.  The story takes you through nine months in the life of Billy Evans the Top Dog of the CSS a notorious east end gang and the decisions he makes that lead to the ultimate tragedy. You may think it’s just about football but you would be wrong; it is now a major film directed by Martin Kemp. Give it a whirl, you will be pleasantly surprised, I was.

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