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So currently the top 10 grossing films this year are:

10 – The Divergent Series: Insurgent

9 – Mad Max Fury Road

8 – The Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge out of water

7 – Fifty shades of Grey

6 – Pitch Perfect 2

5 – Home

4 – Cinderella

3 – Jurassic World

2 – Furious 7

1 – Avengers: age of Ultron

As a busy mum the only 2 films in this list I have seen are Cinderella and Home!!!! I really miss the cinema! However, if we ever get a babysitter it seems such a shame to waste the opportunity sitting in a dark room not talking (and I may well fall asleep!) So never mind the figures and what the numbers say – we want to hear what your favourite films are.

Here are my top 10 (well sort of!):

All Harry Potter films – I’ve put these together as I didn’t want to use most of my 10 in one go!

Pretty Woman – Classic film, Big mistake, huge, I have to go shopping now!

Dirty Dancing – I carried a watermelon!

Beaches – Makes me cry every time!

The Krays / GoodFellas – Love a good gangster film a couple of my faves, as I couldn’t decide!

Shawshank redemption – Love a good prison film

Silence of the Lambs – Classic I remember watching it for the first time and I still get the same feeling!

Seven – Great movie and a bit of eye candy too!

Trading Places / See No evil Hear no evil – The slapstick humour in these I find hilarious and again I couldn’t choose!

Carry on films! – Yeah I know, but the innocence of the humour I find great – Camping is a real fave!

It’s over to you now. Let us know your top films and why you chose them.


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