To swim or not to swim

Well, the Easter holidays are well & truely over – we had a fairly quite weekend; both working on Good Friday, wedding reception in the evening (yes, the bride looked beautiful with a stunning lace dress), lazy day Saturday, family visits Sunday & Monday, oh & an early morning swim with the boys on Sunday…

Both of my twins love the swimming pool but I must admit I find it a chore – I love being in the pool with them (well, for half hour or so until I start to get cold) but the whole getting dry & dressed after is enough to put me off going altogether!

Getting just yourself ready after a swim has always been a struggle (never wear jeans!) but getting two excited 3 year olds dry & dressed is something else! I apologise to anyone in the changing bay next to us – we are not quiet, calm or organised during this chaotic time! And we always seem to leave something behind! Odd socks anyone…?!?!

Now the boys have turned 3 I am considering swimming lessons, as they no longer need me in the pool with them.  Lessons before now have meant committing both myself & hubby to a Saturday afternoon – something we felt a little too much.  But now that the boys are older & can have lessons with me just at the poolside, it’s something I’m really keen on…

I’ve asked friends advice; when did they start lessons? Where do they recommend? How much will we be paying? And most importantly, can their children now swim?

It’s yet another minefield for us busy mums! We don’t want to pay over the odds, but we do want our children to pick up their new hobby quickly – so being 1 of 7 in a new swimmer class may not work.  OMG, I thought I had some time off from making another ‘mum decision’, it seems not!!!

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