To party or not to party?

My beautiful babies aren’t babies anymore – they turned 3 last weekend!  Are they still toddlers or are they children now?!

The birthday celebrations started with presents & balloons galore at 6.45am in the morning – not a bad lie in for our household!  A family party at our house, along with an Easter egg hunt for the kids, later that afternoon was in store…which brings me on to the topic of birthday parties…

For the last 3 years we have done the same thing, a family party at home along with a day out somewhere, just the four of us, but this year I did wonder if I should have arranged a ‘proper’ party?  The boys have been to a few so far this year, ranging from halls with kids entertainers, soft play venues & bouncy castle parties too, but when is the ‘right’ age for children to have a party?  The costs of these couple of hours of enjoyment seem astronomical – I truely can’t belive how much a kids party can cost!  And not only do you lay on food & entertainment, but there’s the party bags as well – gifts that are often as extravagant as the birthday boy or girls presents themselves!

I have pondered over whether to arrange a party over many a sleepless night; will they even remember it? who would we invite – family as well as friends? can we even afford to host a party, having just returned from Disneyland Paris? who am I doing this for – the boys or just to keep up with the Browns?  aaarrrgggghhh….!!!!

So, much as my boys have loved joining their friends at these parties, we decided to save a ‘proper’ one until next year – when they will be able to invite their nursery school friends along, friendships that will hopefully last their whole school years & beyond & a party that they will hopefully remember…And we know, once we start on the party train, there’s no stopping (at least, until they are teenagers & won’t want to be anywhere near us!)

We were lucky with the weather so children & family were able to spill out into the garden.  Pizza, cake, beer & wine were served & the boys were spoilt rotten with a wealth of gifts & money (the bonus of extended families!) – a great time was had by all, without a kids entertainer in sight!!!

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