Tis the season to spend spend spend!

Well it’s that time of year, chocolate in every form adorns the supermarket shelves, every other advert is for a toy that miraculously my daughter has wanted for ages, there is sparkle added to most dresses and jumpers, yep Christmas is on its way.

This does however also mean my bank balance takes a serious turn for the worse. Firstly from the copious amounts of presents and food I will buy. I know my girls do not NEED that many toys, I also know I don’t need to buy enough food to last into February for just a couple of days, however it happens without fail every year!

Secondly from all the do’s I get to go to. I shouldn’t complain as I love to go out and I catch up with lots of people I don’t see all year round so it’s fab. But this is a problem for 2 reasons extra dates in the diary means I have to rely on my poor parents to babysit lots and they already have the girls every day, and now I am asking them to have the girls lots of evenings too.

It also means I have to find suitable outfits. I have lost a bit of weight since I had Jess (not too much there is a LONG way to go!) but it does mean lots of my wardrobe staples have gone! The old faithful black dress that came out for nice but not too formal events is a little bit on the “hangy” side! A couple of my glitzy jumpers make me look bigger than I am. This means a whole new wardrobe is needed! However I am not where I want to be yet. I am at a “not trying too hard comfortable” weight not a “been on a diet and feeling fab” weight! So I don’t want to buy too much as I might actually try a bit harder in 2016 (Maybe!) So I may have to buy a few new bits.

All these points added together mean that Christmas as a parent for me means even more guilt than usual and an empty bank balance! You spend even less time with your kids as you have grown up parties to go to. You feel guilty that you haven’t spent as much time with your children as you would like so you end up booking ridiculous trips to random places at the weekend and buying extra presents. If you are like us you want the girls to spend Christmas playing with their new toys, that means we end up doing Christmas for the family, so we spend a fortune on 12 types of veg and 20 different types of chocolate as one tin would never do!

All I can say is January is going to be a lean month, no matter how prepared I am having done a bit of shopping here and there I still somehow manage to spend every penny and then some trying to make the most magical time of the year even more magical! I know I am my own worst enemy and it really isn’t about the huge pile of presents or veg on your plate, but I want it to be perfect and so I over indulge every single year – despite what I say every single January.

So do you go the whole hog for the festive period or are you much more sensible and take a calmer more controlled approach to the season? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my merry madness and hear your words of wisdom to take on board ….well at least until September next year when I’ll start my Christmas madness all over again!

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