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Following on from the many posts and emails we received from our blog post Triplets…are they IVF?   We have decided to launch a campaign to try and get Joe Public to think before they speak. We are not trying to curb freedom of speech here or anything, of course everyone has the right to say what they like when they like, but for those that just don’t think and do care – the consequences of what you say when you don’t think first can be tough on the receiver – who more often than not, didn’t encourage you to come and speak to them in the first place.


You only have the read the comments on the blog linked above to see that this problem is worldwide, very upsetting and whilst the blog is about multiple children, the problem stems society as a whole. I am currently reading a book about a girl who worked nights to avoid the stares and comments her facial scar attracted. We have heard from people with disabilities, children whom look normal but have social conditions who now live in fear of being branded a bad parent with a naughty child, racial issues, size issues and so so much more.


The blog received a couple of comments from people who thought that it was just as rude to call these people rude or that the blog was an over reaction? What do you think? I guess until you walk in the shoes of someone who has these encounters daily you really can’t know – I am sure looking in from a normal situation it may well seem that way.


Sally, who wrote the blog likes talking to people, welcomes interaction and is happy to answer the curious questions and get into conversations with people. She says she would even miss the way that it makes a trip out more social, as its a conversation starter and a breath of fresh air from the normal English or London way of not interacting with strangers. This she says isn’t the problem. Its the people that behave in a way in which shocks her, not only because it is – quite obviously rude, but against any upbringing she received herself, its something for which she would reprimand her own children and yet adults behave in this way. We are not talking the silly comments, the stares or even the flippant passing – rather you than me . She says its the – how horrendous, and omg if I had your kids I would kill myself. Triplets – couldn’t think of anything worse, and the IVF ones that are all said in front of her children that leave her children upset and asking questions.


No matter what our situation, wouldn’t it be nice if we could leave the house, no matter our own personal battle and not be faced with other people’s opinions about our own situations?


We want to celebrate how wonderful we all are and share pictures of our children, mothers, sisters, friends and brothers! No matter what the issue if you would like to share it here please send us a picture to




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It can be as anonymous as you like – but please provide a caption for us as in the above photo and if you like feel free to share a small story x


We will be sharing this campaign to our members across the world and hope you will to x


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