Thicker Than Water, Kerry Wilkinson

When Cameron and Eleanor Sexton arrive home to find their teenage babysitter missing, their immediate concern is for their young daughter. Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is dispatched to find out what’s going on, but with all apparently well, she thinks she’s been sent on a fool’s errand.

Soon, the teenager’s body is discovered in an apparently random house on the other side of Manchester. The puzzle deepens when a journalist points out that someone placed an obituary for him just days before his disappearance. A string of clues point to a club whose owner has an unhealthy interest in Jessica, but then something happens which makes her question the very core of her beliefs. She is left to turn to the one person she knows she can rely on . . . but is that trust misplaced?

Publisher:  Pan, October 2013

Reviewer:  Jen Kendell

This is a very well written story.  You are led into believing you know who the killer is and then comes along another twist – very cleverly put together.

I liked the character of Jessica Daniel and it definitely makes me want to read another book with her featuring in it.  Kerry Wilkinson puts together an intriguing yet humorous in parts story and is a very talented writer.  Bring on the next book!

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