The younger sibling’s gifts?


In our house I like to get Christmas present buying underway as soon as possible so I am starting to put together lists of what I need to get, gift ideas etc. I am a bit stumped this year as my 5 year old doesn’t necessarily want/need anything – she has the bike and scooter and dolls house and the big things that I have brought her over the years. So her big present from the main man is a bit of a mystery we will have to see what she puts on her list! I have however thought of a few things to get her that I know she will love.

Then there is the youngest, being the second girl I am really struggling to think of things to get her – we have dolls by the boxful, we have Happyland…. well we probably have as much as the Early Learning Centre! We have a garage and a keyboard, we have a rocking horse and slide, scooters etc.

So what on earth do I buy a 19 month old when her sister has everything already!!!! Because I buy things throughout the year and when they are on sale I look like I spend an absolute fortune. Don’t get me wrong, I probably spend more than the average and my girls are a bit spoilt, but I work hard, I work full time and so I like to spoil them with lots of toys as I feel guilty that I can’t be there to play with them all the time!

So I have scoured the Early learning centre, Entertainer and Disney store and have literally got 2 things for Jess. I am going to hit the toy superstores at the weekend and see if I get any further inspiration, but I would love to know what do you do?

Do you duplicate gifts so the girls have one each? Or is this wasteful? Does it encourage them to play together or does this annoy the older child that she feels forced to play with the younger one? My girls play nicely together at times but at other times Bethany goes up to her room to play with somethings that have little accessories as her sister tends to try and eat little bits! So I want to encourage play when they are together but I also want to encourage them to play on their own – or with a grown up at times too.

Jess loves playing with babies and with a ball, she likes things that make noise (the louder and more annoying the better!) But she’s not into anything particularly, so I really am stumped! Any ideas of what to get the younger sibling would be gratefully received!

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  1. Sally says:

    So last year I got truly fed up of this problem for the exact reasons you state – firstly my older girls wanted new versions of what they had and secondly my younger girls got the cast offs! so we bagged up lots of toys together for a childrens charity inclluding books, dolls and most other things. They then got new versions for Christmas and also were all able to all get the same things (so for instance they all got a cabbage patch doll) which they loved as it encouraged them to want to play together. They got a small understanding of the fact that other children would enjoy their toys, we were no longer over run and in the end it worked well for all of us and allowed us to create space for the new toys so they didnt get lost in the old x

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