The Waterway Girls, Milly Adams

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October 1943, West London
Nineteen-year-old Polly Holmes is leaving poor bombed London behind to join the war effort on Britain’s canals.

Stepping aboard the Marigold amid pouring rain, there’s lots for Polly to get to grips with. Not least her fellow crew: strong and impetuous Verity, whose bark is worse than her bite, and seasoned skipper Bet.

With her sweetheart away fighting in the RAF and her beloved brother killed in action, there’s plenty of heartache to be healed on the waterway. And as Polly rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck into life on board the narrowboat – making the gruelling journey London up to Birmingham – she will soon discover that a world of new beginnings awaits amid the anguish of the war.

Publisher: Cornerstone Digital

Reviewer: Jen Kendell

This is a fascinating story about the use of the canals to transport essentials for the war effort. I hadn’t realised that people joined the regular canal people to do this job. It was obviously a hard life but this story explores how these young people got on with the job and were eventually accepted by the regulars. It was lovely to get to know the likes of Polly and Verity and their trainer Bet. Much personal sadness between them but also new beginnings.

The Author. Milly Adams.   Another great story from this author. She can certainly immerse you in her way of telling a story. Brilliant!

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