The Underwear Rule


The NSPCC have launched a new campaign aimed to let children know about abuse, inform them that their body is their own and to tell an adult if there are any concerns. The idea is to inform and empower children to let them know what is right and give them a voice to speak out if they need to. They are currently advertising on the radio and there is also a video on the website.


Here at mojomums we were initially a little concerned about raising such a sensitive issue with primary school children but the campaign has been really well thought through with simple messaging which isn’t too embarrassing for them , is really easy to understand and we think it will really help to raise awareness of such a taboo subject. Everyone has a role to play to help prevent the sexual abuse of children and the NSPCC are encouraging parents and carers to teach their children the Underwear Rule to help them stay safe.


It’s not an easy subject, but simple conversations can help keep children safe from sexual abuse. So the easy way to remember the campaign and what to tell our children:

P Privates are private

A Always remember your body belongs to you

N No means no

T Talk about secrets that upset you

S Speak up, someone can help


For more information on the campaign please go to the NSPCC website:


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  1. steph says:

    I read the statistics and understand the need for this. It is clearly a well thought through and helpful guide. My sadness is that this is something our children need to be wary of – I have 3 under 5 and their innocence fills me with total joy. I really prey they never need to remember these things and appreciate the efforts of those that help to prevent it.

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