The Ultimate Office

The perfect workplace is three miles from home, has a parking space with your name on it, hair straighteners in the toilets and an on-site creche, a new study revealed…

A survey of 2,000 office employees asked to describe their ‘ultimate office’ found free tea and coffee doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to keeping workers happy.A great view, music playing constantly and a high tech espresso machine also appeared in the ideal list of features, however in reality, four in ten employees reported that their current workplace hasn’t changed in years, with 21 per cent claiming that their office décor dates back as far as the eighties!A spokesman for Furniture at Work said: “It’s fair to say that Google has led the way with their fresh take on office life. Contrary to the old days, sitting on the floor during meetings and having plenty of communal areas and time outdoors is now seen as a great way to work.”

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The survey showed adults to prefer a relaxing start to their working day, which would include a three mile commute from their homes and in contrast to the standard office block, four in ten said they would like to work in a converted manor or a warehouse – ideally next to a river.

But the ideal office was a far cry from reality for many of those surveyed – a deprived one in ten reported to have no tea and coffee facilities in their current office, while 28 per cent have no air conditioning.

Perhaps more realistically, the respondents said the biggest improvements to their current office would be more natural lighting, brighter-coloured walls and comfortable chairs.

Out of the most well-known offices, four in ten named the sleek Google headquarters as the ideal place to work. Another popular choice was the offices of Innocent Smoothies, which has indoor picnic tables and floors laid with turf.


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A spokesman for Furniture at Work said: “Offices are definitely changing, and it could be to everyone’s benefit. Having modern furnishings, bright décor and lots of time outdoors may become a standard trait of office employment.”


1. Large garden for meetings and socialising
2. Canteen with a daily changing menu
3. Touchscreen computers
4. Bowls of free fruit
5. On-site gym
6. Music played daily
7. Great views from the roof
8. Floor-to-ceiling windows
9. Deodorant and toiletries in the bathrooms
10. A labelled parking space
11. An oven, microwave and toaster
12. Great nearby restaurants
13. An espresso machine
14. A trolley of cakes and drinks every Friday
15. Big armchairs in meeting rooms
16. Napping area
17. Sleek, modern furnishings
18. Outdoor picnic tables
19. A slide between different floors
20. Multiple vending machines
21. Hair straighteners in the toilets
22. A jungle of indoor plants and flowers
23. A pool table
24. The option to use exercise balls instead of chairs
25. A library of industry-relevant books
26. Leather furniture
27. On-site crèche
28. Large-scale artwork and photography
29. Sun-loungers
30. A foosball table
31. Beanbags in meeting rooms
32. Board games
33. Voice-activated door entry
34. Spiral staircases
35. No seating plan – just plug your laptop i

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