The Shopping List Game

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When we were on holiday in Majorca last year we met a lovely couple and their son. In the evenings we would go to “mini disco” and before and after we would want to keep the kids entertained so we would bring down cards and teddies and sticker books to keep them busy. However on about the 4th night this couple produced the Shopping List game and it transformed our holiday as it kept our two children and the others that joined in busy every evening. So when we got back to the UK I took a trip to the toy shop and brought our own copy of the game. I have to say it was a great buy and it keeps my daughter entertained whenever we play it.

The game; there are 4 shopping lists with pictures of the items you need and there are 4 trollies. There are little cards with pictures with each of the items on the 4 lists and the object of the game is to be the first person to fill their trolley with all the items on their shopping list. We play it two ways either Bethany calls the items out and if you have it she gives it to you or we take it in turns to pick an item from the spread out cards, you turn it over and if you have it you put it in your trolley and if you don’t you return it to the cards and the next person has their go.

So why am I teling you about the shopping List game, well I went out with 18 of the nursery mums last week and somehow I mentioned the shopping list game over dinner – as you do, and it turns out every single one of us have it and is it isn’t my smug little secret at all, it is common knowledge! We have just got some new Orchard Games to review so we will pass them around the office and let you know how the new games fair, but I think it will take a lot to beat the Shopping List Game as a favourite in our house!

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