The Quickening, Julie Myerson

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Recently married and expecting their first baby, they decide on an island in the Caribbean. Why not turn it into a honeymoon, Dan says?

>A holiday in paradise. It ought to be perfect. Except that, for Rachel, it’s not.

Things take a sinister turn as soon as they arrive.

As furniture shifts and objects fly around, as a waitress begs her to leave and a fellow guest makes her increasingly uneasy, Rachel realises everything she holds most dear is at stake and nothing is quite as it seems…

Publisher: Cornerstone Digital, Mar 2014

Reviewer: Nadine Matheson

The Quickening begins innocently enough with Rachel and Dan sitting at home looking at holiday destinations.  After choosing a luxurious holiday resort on the Caribbean island of Antigua, Dan proposes to Rachel.   Rachel is also pregnant and after a hesitant pause, she says yes.  There’s hardly a moment to catch your breath as Dan and Rachel are married the very next day and are soon boarding a plane to begin their honeymoon.

Almost immediately upon their arrival on the idyllic Caribbean island Rachel is cryptically told that her husband has been on the island before but is also warned that her husband may be in danger. Dan attempts to make the most of their honeymoon, but Rachel does not share his enthusiasm.  Throughout this book there is a feeling of dread as Rachel beings to experience poltergeists and menacing apparitions.  Rachel also meets a man who is clearly out of place on this tropical paradise.  You will ask yourself is Rachel just paranoid or is there a genuine fear, especially after two local girls are murdered.

The Quickening is a good, old-fashioned psychological horror.  It moves at such a fast pace that you will find yourself closing the book just to catch your breath and to ask the question “What is going on?”  You are constantly aware that something is not right but nothing will prepare you for the truly unexpected twist at the end.   If you’re looking for a holiday read with a difference then ‘The Quickening’ by Julie Myerson is the one to pack in your suitcase. 





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