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The Osteopathic Centre is located in the heart of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and is an Osteopathic practice providing treatment for the whole family. Patrick Pearce and Louise North have over 16 years combined experience working in the Osteopathic profession and created The Osteopathic Centre together in 2011.



The practice provides treatment for a wide variety of conditions for the whole family, from sports injuries, back pain and sciatic pain, neck and shoulder pain, treatment for improving ranges of movement for arthritic joints along with many other musculoskeletal complaints. Osteopathy isn’t just about backs! We treat a wide range of conditions, ages and symptoms.

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Louise completed a master’s degree in 2008 and specializes in the treatment of babies and pregnancy. This can include  Symphysis pubis pain, back pain or upper rib and neck pain which  commonly occurs during breast feeding and postures from holding the new born baby. A combination of structural and cranial osteopathy can be used to treat the very young to the very old. Our youngest patient has been 4 days old and our oldest 98 years of age.


We have a specialist mother and baby clinic providing treatment and advice to mums or mums to be. Cranial osteopathy can be used to help settle irritable and fractious babies, improve with sleep, decrease digestive discomfort and help with winding. We also do check-ups following vonteuse or forceps deliveries and help to improve general well-being. The treatment is non-invasive and gentle and can be applied when the baby is feeding or sleeping.


We are a family orientated practice and enjoy what we do every day to help our patients get back to good health.

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