The Nation’s Fridge Door Campaign from Barnardo’s

Children’s charity Barnardo’s is launching it’s The Nation’s Fridge Door campaign, which celebrates the love and support families give to their children, to show solidarity and support to the unsupported.


Barnardo’s and Mojomums believe that even the smallest actions such as displaying your children’s achievements on your fridge door provides encouragement which helps children to thrive, though not all children in the UK receive this much-needed love and support from their family home.

Barnardo’s want to encourage the nation to turn the support that is given to their own children into support for the UK’s most vulnerable children by publicly celebrating their children’s creative achievements on a virtual fridge door which will be hosted at – this is something that all of the team at Mojomums will be doing, and we would love you to join in this campaign too.

Barnardo’s exists to support the most vulnerable children in the UK, the children who have no one else.  The children that Barnardo’s support here in the UK face hardships that are unimaginable to most including homelessness, mental health issues, physical abuse. They lack the simple love and support you give your own children, or what you experienced growing up.

Barnardo's media

We would love you to join in with Barnardo’s campaign – show your support here and send us your photos too and we will add them to this post – email

For more information about how Mojomums may be able to help you raise awareness for your chosen charity click here.

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