The Man Who Watched Women, Hjorth and Rosenveldt

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As a heatwave blazes in Stockholm, a series of women are found brutally murdered and the Criminal Investigation Department is getting nowhere. The murders bear all the hallmarks of Edward Hinde, the serial killer jailed by psychological profiler Sebastian Bergman fifteen years earlier.

Sebastian desperately needs some order in his chaotic life. The revelation that he has a daughter, Vanja, could provide this longed-for stability. But should he tell her the truth and risk destroying her life and career?

Forcing his way into the investigation, Sebastian soon learns that the murders are connected to him and that no one around him is safe. Including Vanja.

Publisher: Century, June 2015

Reviewer: Liz Batten

I do like the Swedish type of thriller – very descriptive but easy to understand – not delving too deep so as to bore but explaining all angles.  Having read the Dragon Tattoo trilogy I was interested to read more Swedish writers and have not been disappointed so far.   The Man Who Watched Women is a great book, holding my imagination – only criticism was the title which didn’t bear much resemblance to the contents -‘ The Ritual’ might have been more apt – story was left wide open for another book… good stuff!

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