The Gruffalo Activity Trails

The much loved children’s book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson celebrates it’s 15th anniversay this year and to help celebrate it the English Forestry Commission invites you to take a walk in one of it’s deep, dark woods…


Explore the self-led Guffalo activity trail and complete activities a long the way. From building a home for your favourite animal to creating a piece of Gruffalo ground art and there are 15 giant Guffalo sculptures at venues across the UK for you to find.

the gruffalo

I cannot recommend this great and free activity enough!  I have spent two wonderful mornings at our nearest Gruffalo trail, with children ageing from 3 through to 8, all of whom have loved it (adults included!) – there should be one near to you, check our the Forestry Commission website here

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