The Father’s House, Larche Davis

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Lucy is a fourteen-year-old girl brought up in a fanatical religious sect that aims to take over the whole world under a deity called ‘the Magnifico’. Children born into the sect are raised in communes headed by ‘Fathers’. Lucy and another child, Paul, do not live in a commune, but are strictly raised by so-called ‘Aunt’ Sarah in the ground-floor flat of the Father’s private house. He lives upstairs, and a mystery tenant lives on the second floor. Lucy’s experience of life is limited to the ground-floor flat, prayer meetings and the Magnifico’s school, where children are educated with the aim of infiltrating influential positions in the outside world, working as skivvies or breeding future followers of the Holy Cause. When she suffers humiliation at school assembly, her trust in the religion begins to collapse, and through two school friends she learns some of the terrible secrets of the sect. Her aim is to escape before she is sixteen, when she will either be compulsorily married to one of the Fathers in the name of the Magnifico, or disposed of as unsuitable to further the Holy Cause…

Publisher: Matador (6 Aug. 2015)

Reviewers: Liz and Sally

This is a fast paced and unstoppable page turner!  It’s brilliantly written and completely draws you into a world of madness, greed and corruption where innocent women and children are used and abused in the name of a so called religion.  You want to climb into the book and help them get away – found myself reading faster and faster (Sally read it in just over a day) Hard to find books like these around now and highly recommend it.  Right to the last page it grips you…..bit disappointed that the ending kind of left it hanging ….. wanted a little more..perhaps there will be?

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