The Early Morning Light, Edward Forde Hickey

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‘The life of this little evacuee couldn’t be more different from those other unlucky children his own age, who had been left behind in a state of dreamy delirium on the battered streets of London.’ While World War II was raging and turmoil spread throughout Europe, thousands of children were evacuated in the hope of protecting them from the trauma of war. Among these children was newly-born Edward (Teddy), who was rescued from the terror of the London Blitz by his parents and sent to live with his grandmother in Tipperary, Ireland. He spent his childhood among the vibrant hillside community, where he had the rare opportunity to develop at the hands of nature. The Early Morning Light is a celebration of his young life, which was a stark contrast to those of countless other children living traumatised across Europe.

Publisher: Matador, Feb 2e5

Reviewer: Jen Kendell

The Early Morning Light is a  heartwarming story of the first five years of a little boys life who was taken to Ireland during WW2 so that he was safe from the London bombings. Sadness for his parents – but so much happiness for his grandma and his uncle – until the war ends. Lovely stories of his life and development. Some of the names made me laugh out loud.    The Author. Edward Forde Hickey,  writes with warmth and humour. He is a good story teller. A follow on book would be good.


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