The dreaded school run

Half term is upon us and are you, like most of us here at Mojomums, relieved that you have a week off from doing the dreaded school run?

Can you walk your child to school?

Can you walk your child to school?

We are not the only ones, The Car People recently asked 3,000 members of the UK public “should the school run continue?” and 65% said no, but with so many of us working once dropping the kids off or living too far away from school to be able to walk, what is the answer?

The National Travel Survey tell us that an increased number of parents doing a daily school run is likely to be symptomatic of the growing distance that children now have to travel in order to get to school – the average distance that children live from their school has increased by 31% since 1997 – primary school children now live an average of 1.6 miles away, while the average secondary school child lives a distance of 3.7 miles away.

As well as this increased distance, safety concerns and inadequate public transport links prevent many parents from being able to leave the car at home when it comes to getting their kids to school every day – let alone that fact that increased numbers of us are heading straight to work after dropping our children at the school gates, with our places of work very rarely being within walking distance from our homes.

So what is the answer?  Many schools are taking various measures to make the school run experience safer and less stressful for everyone involved including walking school bus schemes, voluntary one-way systems, parking restrictions and temporary road closures – but does this make it easier for parents or do you still have to make that unavoidable daily car trek to the school gates?  Over to you Mojomums for ideas that work for your school run…


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