The Dragon Snatcher and The Great Dragon Rescue, M.P. Robertson (2 books )

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George, his dragon and a dragon egg stand in the way of an evil wizard who wants to get rid of the dragons forever.

Created in consultation with a literacy specialist, this edition contains the complete story, designed to support children who are gaining confidence in reading.

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, Sept 2014

Reviewer: Briony Stebbings

Designed to help young readers increase their vocabulary I really enjoyed these books.

The Dragon Snatcher is all about George and his Dragon and their mission to rescue valuable dragon eggs from the evil wizard.


In The great Dragon Rescue George and his dragon are off on another adventure to rescue a baby dragon from a wicked witch. Gripping and mysterious these are exactly the types of book I would have enjoyed as a child and still do as a grown up.

What I really liked about both these stories was how they read like a story for much older children, instead of making the story easier, they have recognised that kids enjoy a good tale regardless of age and all they have changed is the language. Using simple words and fantastic illustrations they have kept it truly authentic. I think it is the depth of description that has been used, like an adult book where a lot of time is spent setting the scene, this is still done here. A mistake many children’s books make is to forget the description and just make everything smacks you over the head obvious, which really detracts from the overall story.

Just long enough to make a good bedtime read, but not so long as a child would get bored or maybe feel they were struggling, these are great for children to gain more confidence in reading and enjoyable for the parents to be a part of as well.

Even though my boy is too young to read himself, they were great to read for him, from Dragon roars to witchy voices both my husband and I have a great time reading these and we’ll make sure they make it through the toddler years so he can use them when he is reading.

On the back of each book is a selection of words from the story to help practise spelling and meaning. These are very impressive books and I would certainly recommend them and be interested in getting others from the Time to Read series.


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