The Christmas List and Father Christmas

I know it seems too soon, but with all the adverts on the TV we have already had lots of conversations in our house about Father Christmas and what he will be bringing my daughter this year. So how do you make a list for Father Christmas for a three year old? Do I give her the Argos catalogue and say which pictures do you like? Do I secretly write down the ads she comments on – although this morning she said she wanted a Spiderman character – which I am sure she doesn’t really want! Or do we sit down together with a pen and paper and I ask her, although I’m not sure if she will remember anything she actually wants if we do that!


Last year was easy she said she wanted a bike and I have told her that lots of people will get her presents for Christmas but Father Christmas will bring her the one thing she has asked for if she is a good girl. Now I thought I was being clever with this one, as it explained why Nanny and Grandad came round on Christmas morning with just about enough room in the car for them and the rest filled with present after present after present! It also explained why I buy and wrap presents for other people, however my worry now is that she might ask for a puppy or pony from Father Christmas and then what do I do!?!?


Honestly I didn’t realise when you have children that you have to put so much thought into absolutely everything – why isn’t there a rule book out there for parents surely guidelines would make this job a lot easier! So any advice you have for making my little ones Chritmas the most magical, by getting her the gifts she wants and really enforcing the Father Christmas message are gratefully recieved!

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