The Catch, Tom Bale

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How far do you go for a friendship?That’s the question Daniel Wade is forced to ask when a simple favour has fatal consequences. For the sake of his old schoolmate, Robbie – and more importantly for Robbie’s sister, Cate – Dan agrees to go along with a lie. But soon he’s sucked into a conspiracy that threatens to consume them all.

How hard do you fight for a fortune? For Gordon and Patricia Blake, the dead man held the key to a glorious future. Now that future has been ripped from their grasp, and the Blakes want to know why. Then they want revenge.

How can you hope to survive? With a ruthless predator on their trail, Dan realises that evading justice is the least of their worries. All that matters now is staying alive.

Publisher:  Arrow, Feb 2014

Reviewer:  Liz Batten

This book captures you from the start….then twists and turns in every chapter, taking you on an intriguing roller coaster ride until the end.  At first you think the main characters are Dan, Cate and Robbie, but then Gordon and Patricia enter the picture (along with a very nasty character – Stemper) and add another dimension to the already gripping story.    It’s one of those books where all the baddies get exactly what they deserve and the good guys come through in the end!   My only one criticism was that the story of how Gordon and Patricia are involved was a little long winded (so I skimmed that bit)  and got on with the thrilling story!

I’ve never read Tom Bale before but will definitely try another of his books!  Great Stuff!!!

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