The Butterfly House, Marcia Preston

“I was fifteen when my mother finally told me the truth about my father. She didn’t mean to. She meant to keep it a secret forever. If she’d succeeded, it might have saved us all. ”

Roberta and Cynthia are destined to be best friends forever. When both your fathers are missing you have a lot in common. Unable to cope with her alcoholic mother, Roberta finds Cynthia’s house the perfect carefree refuge. Cynthia’s mother keeps beautiful, rare butterflies in her sunporch and she’s everything Roberta wishes her own mother could be. But just like the delicate creatures they nurture, the women are living in a hothouse.

Years later, a hauntingly familiar stranger knocks on Roberta Dutreau’s door, forcing her to begin a journey back to childhood. But is she ready to know the truth about what happened to her, her best friend Cynthia and their mothers that tragic night ten years ago?

Suzanne says:

I liked it. Kept me interested and a nice little twist! I rate it 3 1/2 stars

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