The Boathouse, R J Harries

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A criminologist seeks revenge for his journalist girlfriend’s murder.   A property tycoon’s wife is kidnapped for an ever-increasing ransom.  Sean Archer must find the Boathouse to solve these seemingly unrelated cases.  But the Boathouse is an off-grid torture facility operated by black-ops mercenaries.

Sean Archer is a self-taught criminologist and profiler who has been obsessed with crime since his parents were found dead when he was fourteen. A computer savant who has developed digital profiling tools that the police have come to depend on, Sean has acquired a reputation for being able to solve crimes that no one else can. But when his own girlfriend, Alex, is brutally murdered while researching an off-grid torture facility called The Boathouse, his brilliant inventions are of no use. Alex has left little for Sean to go on – only a list of names. Then Peter Sinclair, a property billionaire, contacts Sean for help. His wife, Becky, has been kidnapped and will be killed if he goes to the police or doesn’t follow instructions. Sean agrees to help. Not because he wants the case, but because Peter Sinclair was on Alex’s list. When Sean tracks Becky down, she leads him right where he wants to go. Or so he thinks. As he climbs over the wall of the Boathouse, he’s sure he’s just one step from finding Alex’s killers. But Sean is utterly unprepared for this crime and this place. The Boathouse is more heinous, more sinister than anything Sean has ever imagined.

Reviewer: Liz Batten

A great fast paced crime thriller with many twists and turns along the way.  The author’s style of writing was interesting, without going into lengthy descriptions, he managed to involve you with all the characters and the plot.   You hated the baddies and wanted the good guys to win.   There’s  a hint of romance along the way which is fine as it doesn’t divert your attention away from the frantic chase!   The only slight disappointment I felt was that the Boathouse itself didn’t have enough exposure – the story mainly kept to the kidnapping and I would have liked more time spent in the facility to really see the horrors within.  Altogether a really good read and I’ll certainly look out for more books by R J Harries.

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